About Me

My name is Þórý Veðardóttir, and this blog is dedicated to my projects in the Society for Creative Anachronisms. The SCA is  a nonprofit group that teaches Medieval European living history as safely as possible. The Society is often described as “the Middle Ages the way they should have been.” If you’d like to learn more about the Society, you can visit their introductory page.

My persona is a Viking Shield Maiden from 10th century Norway. My name is Þórý, which is said like “Hooray!” with more Thor. The letter “Þ” is pronounced as “TH” in the Futhark alphabet.

I fight in armored combat, called Heavy List. This involves putting on thirty-odd pounds of armor and whacking my friends with rattan sticks wrapped in duct tape. What I do is not LARPing (the fantasy game in Role Models). Fighting in Heavy List requires a lot of strength, skill, and practice.

I am an Armory Herald and the Pallet Herald of the East Kingdom. In the SCA, I help people design their shields, and draw them. My heraldry is ‘Azure, a winged ounce rampant within an orle argent’ and is a combination of the arms of my favorite author Tamora Pierce‘s two lady knights. I also have a badge, which is a simple design that marks things as mine. My badge is ‘Fieldless, on a Thor’s hammer sable, in fess the runes Thorn, Othila, Raido, Eoh argent.’ The Futhark runes spell my name: TH-O-R-EI.


In the mundane world, my name is Anakin Steuart Michele, and I’m an editor and a technical writer.  I have a professional blog at AnaSteuart.WordPress.com

This blog focuses on the things I create in the SCA. If you’re interested in my persona and accomplishments in the Society, I list that information on the East Kingdom Wiki.

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