Only Hit Your Enemies: What is Heraldic Conflict?

In my post choosing your heraldry, I mention Conflict Checking. Because Heraldry is the oldest form of Identifying Friend or Foe on a battlefield, each fighter’s Heraldry needs to be different from every one else’s. (If you haven’t chosen your heraldry yet, don’t worry. Many local groups and households will provide tabbards. Every fighter in the East Kingdom is permitted encouraged to display the Northern Army Star at inter-Kingdom wars like Pennsic. Your local Knight Marshall can help you with the appropriate insignia for your group.)

When you sit down with a Consulting Herald to design your heraldry, you must make sure that there is at least one Substantial Change or two Distinct Changes between your design and what is already registered.

What does Two Distinct Changes mean?

The images below are my registered heraldry on the left, and the  Order of the Silver Tyger on the right. The Order of the Silver Tyger is the East Kingdom’s newly created Grant of Arms Award for Heavy List. The one Difference between my Lioness and the Silver Tyger are the wings on my cat. (The Tyger’s red tongue is a minor artistic detail and does not differentiate between the two felines.)


When The Order of the Silver Tyger was created, the entire East Kingdom had to request my permission to conflict with my registered Heraldry. If I had not given written permission allowing the Silver Tyger to be registered, the Kingdom Award would not have passed. Herald’s Point does not care about your age, gender, or rank within the Society. If an item is Registered, only that person can decide if they will allow another device to conflict with theirs.

To show the difference between one Distinct Change and two, here is my Lioness beside an Orle-less Tyger. Removing wings and the orle border creates two Distinct Changes between my Registered  Heraldry and the Silver Tyger award.


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