EKWiki Part 1: Why a Wiki?

This article covers what information can be posted on your East Kingdom Wiki page, and how to make your own page. If you need to upload and display photos and images, you can go to  EKwiki Part 2: Adding Photos and Images. If you are ready to add your information, please visit EKwiki Part 3: Adding Personal Information.

This post explains:
1. How to request an EKwiki account.
2. How to create an EKwiki page with your name.
3. How to add a boilerplate template to your EKwiki page.

The East Kingdom Wiki is a useful tool. It is a site dedicated to the populace of the East Kingdom–every member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms on the east coast from New Jersey all the way to Newfoundland.  The EKwiki is a place to tell your story, share your photo, display your heraldry, and list any awards you have received. As a non-profit organization, the society runs on volunteer power. We grant awards to acknowledge the time and energy members put in, since we can’t award bonuses or raises.

I can wax poetic about the EKwiki, though it is mostly used as a reference page for awards, and for the people who will write and illustrate award scrolls. Any person can nominate anyone for an award, and one of the submissions questions asks for a photo of the person you are nominating for an award. The east kingdom maintains award database called the Order of Precedence, but it is far easier to look up someone on the EKwiki.

You will need several things before you create your own EKwiki page. First, you will need to request an account. Accounts are usually approved in a day or so, and while they request your legal name, the site will never display it. The society uses only persona name on the internet and at events.

After you have an account, you can create a Wiki page under your persona name. (If you don’t have a name yet, I have a post that explains the naming process called  What’s in a (Heraldic) Name?) If your name changes between when you create your wiki and when your name is registered with the college of heralds, you can ask an administrator to change the wiki.


The other things you will need are a photo of yourself in garb, and an image of your heraldry. (If you don’t have heraldry, I have a post about Choosing Your Heraldry.) Finally, I encourage both heavy list fighters and fencers to take a photo of yourself in your kit, holding your helm. This is useful because you might not recognize someone’s face from the other end of the kingdom, but you will remember that viking knight with the two longswords who hit you seven times before landing a killing blow.

To create a new page, log in to the EKwiki and then type your full persona name into the Search box on the left side of the screen, and click “Go”. This is a screen capture of the box.

The example below shows a Search for a page called “H”. To make an EKwiki page H, you would click on the red “H” in the Search Results. To make your page on the wiki, you will need to type your SCA first and last name into the box and click “Search.”

Using a from of your name in Roman characters is best, because searching non-ASCII characters is problematic. (My registered name is Þórý Veðardóttir, but my wiki page is Thory Vedardottir.)


At this step, you choose which sort of page wiki page you want. This article focuses on creating an EKwiki page for your persona, which falls into the “Populace” category. Other types of pages are households and guilds.

Selecting a boilerplate is another way to say you are choosing the “Populace” template to be the base of your EKwiki page. Click the “Load” button  to load this template and wait for the information to fill into the text box.


Once you have clicked “Load,” the wiki text box will populate with code. This code is specific to wiki spaces and doesn’t work exactly like HTML.

(You don’t need to know HTML or other programming skills to make an EKwiki page. If you’d like to learn the basics and understand how tags work, I have a post explaining Basic HTML Commands.)

After the boilerplate text appears in the text box, save this template by clicking the “Save page” button at the bottom of the screen.


One of the interesting and useful features of wiki programs is that they will save every version of the pages, recording edits.

Users only see the most up-to-date information, but the wiki saves and records every change. (This is useful if the page is hacked, or your information is lost.)

A video game mantra is to “save early; save often,” and this applies to wikis. At this step, you want to save the boilerplate information by clicking “Save page.”  Then if you drop something on your keyboard, you can simply click on “Cancel” and any changes you made in the text box will be erased and your wiki page will revert to its last saved point.

EKwiki Part 2: Adding Photos and Images covers exactly what it sounds like. If you have photos and images uploaded and linked, you can go to EKwiki Part 3: Adding Personal Information.

3 thoughts on “EKWiki Part 1: Why a Wiki?

  1. Yay – articles about the Wiki!

    A few notes, in case you decide to update/edit the article.
    – Approving a new account includes a manual step after you confirm your email address. This step is usually done during business hours (so day of, unless it is a weekend or holiday). The biggest issue with getting an account approved, is not confirming your email address – the email from the wiki will often get stuck in spam filters.
    – Once approved, your persona page will be created for you.
    – Save early, save often is mostly okay. The issue is that each save to a wiki page gets stored (as you noted) and must then be reviewed (“patrolled”) by one of the admins. Multiple saves make for a lot of review work. I suggest folks use the Preview button while trying things out (images, formatting, etc), and only save when they have what they want.

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