Pennsic Heraldic Reference Boards

Pennsic 44 Herald’s Point had twelve reference boards showing field divisions, line treatments, and common charges. They contained many errors, and between Pennsic 44 and Pennsic 45, I made a new set of boards.

A few errors were not caught, and carried over from the originals. I have notes on what should be corrected, to ensure the next person who wants to create boards will be error-free!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to make your own set of boards for reference at large consultation tables. Being able to point to field and line divisions made Heraldic Consultations much easier. These boards are each two feet by two feet, and the shields are the same size as those on the Device Submission Paperwork.


Incorrect label: “Chevrony” should be “Chevronny”.

The shield labeled “Other Lozengy” is in error. That charged used to be “Fusily” which is no longer used. “Party of Six” should be put in its place.

The shield labeled “Gyrony” should be removed; a bordure cannot be divided that way. “Party of Nine” should be put in its place.


The shield labeled “In Anullo” should be “In Annulo”.


The shield labeled “Gyron Sinister” should be changed to display a normal Gyron, and the image should be flipped horizontally. Also, the shield labeled “Roundel” should be removed and replaced with a shield displaying a roundel “In Canton”. Placing the roundel in chief at 1/4 scale just below the writing would make that image correctly in canton.